Server Upgrade Information Request


Greetings valued customer!

To minimize downtime during our server upgrade, we will need all of this information.

Please read through the whole form before you begin because there are some specific account details you may have to track down in order to complete this form.

  • Please note: We take your privacy seriously and all data shared via this form is secure.
  • Contact Information

  • What email do you use most often?
  • In case we cannot get ahold of you via the primary email account, what would be a good secondary email account that will work?
  • Company & Website email details

  • A domain name is your website address.
    (For example, is our domain name.)

    Please provide all company domain names (one per line) with the primary domain name (where your website & email are) as the first one at the top of the list.

  • A company that sells and manages domain names is referred to as a "Domain Registrar". Common examples are GoDaddy,, eNom, Network Solutions, and many others. If you have domains at multiple companies, you can list the companies and logins for each here.

    This information is required because we will need to update information for your domain names in order to complete the server upgrade. If you do not supply this information, you may experience down time with your website and email.
    Regisrar WebsiteUsernamePassword 
  • If your website has any automation or custom code that helps your day-to-day business, please provide the details below.

    If your site does have automation and we are not made aware of it prior to the transfer, it may take up to a week or longer to re-establish those features.
  • Yes, I understand that my website's server is going to be upgraded, and that failure to supply incomplete or incorrect information on this form may result in my website and / or email being down.

    Also, I understand that this process will require me to take action to reconfigure any email client software (Mac Mail, Outlook, Windows Live Mail, etc) with the information that Spokane Web will send me prior to the upgrade.

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